Upcoming Webinars:

Upcoming Webinars:

We offer information sessions throughout the year for Pastors, FS Directors and Facilitators.  Register by clicking on the appropriate (date) link.


Why FS in my church or home?

That is a great question!  In this one-hour interactive Zoom meeting ask our National Director for Canada  your questions about FS and find out why pastors and Christian counsellors from 20 denominations recommend FS as a powerful healing & discipleship resource.  

  • Oct 7    8:00 AM PST;   9:00 AM MST;   11:00 AM EST
  • Oct 21   12:00 PM PST;   1:00 PM MST:   3:00 PM EST


Launching your FS group

Whether you are launching a Freedom Session group in your church or home, there are a few things you will want to plan in advance. During this one-hour session you will meet our National Director for Canada, get answers to any questions and clarify the next steps that are right for you.

  • Oct 14   8:00 AM PST;   9:00 AM MST;   11:00 AM EST
  • Oct 28   12:00 PM PST;   1:00 PM MST:   3:00 PM EST


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Ken is speaking:

Ken is speaking:


June 21: Village Church, Canada (online)

Jul 25-26:  True Grace Church, Lacey WA (online)


Due to travel restrictions, Ken has cancelled upcoming speaking engagements.  In the meantime, enjoy a recent message he preached at Village Church entitled:  “How to Respond in Difficult Times.”