Foundations 1 & 2

A 20-week intensive journey

…that uncovers and offers healing for the deeper heart issues that often fuel our unhealthy attitudes, harmful behaviors and destructive choices.   Each week or “session” consists of a 45 minute large group teaching, gender specific small group discussion and a 1-2 hour reflective homework assignment.  

Foundations includes two 10-week units: FACING THE TRUTH and FINDING FREEDOM.  In many churches, Foundations has become a normative step in the discipleship journey and can run effectively in any size of group from 3 to 225+.  Spiritual maturity is more than knowledge; it includes emotional and relational health and Freedom Session Foundations helps you experience it.

Churches offering Foundations often report a greater level of authenticity permeating their church culture and are usually growing in both depth and number. Authenticity is the currency that attracts others to follow Jesus.

Foundations I – Facing the Truth:  The freedom journey begins with facing the truth and confronting the coping strategies you use to avoid it. This unit takes you through the first four steps of Freedom Session and exposes the lies that control your thinking and the “insanity cycles” that trip you up.

Midway through Facing the Truth you will experience the first of two “Going Deeper” events where you share your life stories and connect personally. The primary goal for these sessions is to hear each other’s stories and build trust.

Near the end of this unit, you will learn how to turn your pain over to the leadership of Jesus and face the memories He wants you to deal with – specifically, the ways you’ve been hurt by others and your (often false) interpretations of the events by which satan seeks to control.

    01: Why Am I Here?
    02: Stepping Out of Denial
    03: Sober-minded and A.L.E.R.T.
    04: Stepping Out of Insanity
    05: Going Deeper #1 – My Story
    06: Hope…and Where to Find It
    07: The Step that Changes Everything
    08: My Support, My Sponsor & My Strengths
    09: Inventory Mirror 1 – My Obvious Hurts
    10: Inventory Mirror 2 – My Less Obvious Hurts


Foundations II – Finding Freedom:  In this unit, you face the most difficult part of the program. In Facing the Truth you took an honest look at your past experiences and destructive behaviors along with how others have hurt you.

Now it’s time to own the ways you’ve hurt God and others, work through repentance and  forgive both yourself and others.  In doing so, you will release the pain, guilt, shame and bitterness that has held you back, once and for all.  Next, you will learn how to make amends, rebuild broken relationships and embrace the vision God has for you life.  The last two sessions help you embrace a renewed sense of wholeness and identity in how Jesus views you, replacing any negative labels you’ve been carrying with your true identify in Christ.


    11:  Inventory Shield 1 – My Obvious Offenses
    12: Inventory Shield 2 – My Less Obvious Offenses
    13: My Closet – My Confession
    14: Going Deeper #2 – Finding Peace with Me
    15: Forgiveness 1 – First Things First
    16: Forgiveness 2 – Breaking the Chain
    17: Repentance & the Road Less Traveled
    18: Amends – making things right the right way
    19: Breaking Unholy Soul Ties
    20: Grace…and a New Name

While it’s tempting to end your journey here, taking the follow up course – Authentic Living – will cement what you’ve learned in Foundations and create a personalized plan on how to live out your new life.

For those unable to take Authentic Living immediately following, we’ve created a special Session 21 – the Journey, a condensed version of the first session in Authentic Living that explains how to hear and respond to the voice of God by using our Authentic Life Journal.