Authentic Life Journal

The difference between good intentions and a plan

This 90-day journal provides a self-led experience of living out the principles learned in Freedom Session Foundations and Authentic Living.

Better yet, find two people you trust and form a Transformation Triad and enjoy the support you need to become the man or woman God has called you to be. Instructions, meeting formats and accountability questions are all included.

The Authentic Life Journal has become a foundational tool in mens’ and womens’ ministries across North America and is user-friendly whether or not you are familiar with Freedom Session.

Authentic Life Journal

Authentic Life Journal

In this classic blue, ivory or black 6″ x 8″ journal, you will learn how to personally interact with the Holy Spirit through bible marking and journaling. You will also find:

  • 90 journal pages using the S.T.A.R.T method
  • Two of our best Authentic Living exercises
  • A condensed Authentic Life Plan worksheet
  • A prayer and answer journal
  • Instructions for forming a Transformation Triad and suggested meeting formats

It’s not necessary to have taken Freedom Session or Authentic Living to use the Authentic Life Journal.

Everyone has 15 minutes a day

In our culture, life happens alarmingly fast and many people have a hard time connecting with God in a meaningful way. Consistency is even harder.

Few take the time to process their daily wins/losses. As a result, resentment builds and unhealthy patterns return.

In this perfectly sized journal, the author of Freedom Session shares the method he has used to spend time with God 5 of 7 days/week for over 30 years. And the good news: all it takes is 15 minutes/day. And even the busiest can carve that out. (Of course you can spend longer if you like.)

The power of accountability triads is well known.  This journal takes it up a notch and provides tools you can use to proactively hold each other accountable to God’s leadership in your life.  Available in singles, 3 pack and larger quantities.