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Find A Freedom Session Near You

The best way to begin your freedom journey is to join an existing Freedom Session group. They will have trained and experienced facilitators who are taking the journey with you. Use the simple church locator tool to contact a church near you and register for Freedom Session.

Below is a list of registered and “open” Freedom Session ministries in Canada and USA.

We realize there are many cities/regions where registered Freedom Session groups are not yet established. However, every year, thousands of people experience Freedom Session in a small groups meeting in homes, offices and online. (For security, these are not posted.)

If you cannot find an established or open Freedom Session ministry in your area, we strongly encourage you to find a few friends and host a Freedom Session Small Group in your own home. We have created a special Small Group Ministry Kit just for you and have a support network to help you launch.

Or, start / join a FS online group.

Taking Freedom Session is now easier than ever.

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