There is a noticeable gap between the abundant life Jesus promised and the lives those attending our churches experience on a weekly basis.

Twenty percent of marriages end in divorce; 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been sexually abused; pornography enslaves both men and women. Low self-worth is epidemic; depression is on the rise as are food addiction / eating disorders, perfectionism and a deep sense of angst that something is missing.

People are hungry to experience the life Jesus promises.  Songs and a sermon on Sunday aren’t enough. We need to break down the gospel and practically apply biblical truth in the areas people are dealing with. Freedom Session equips churches and small groups to do this, and to do it well.



Freedom Session FOUNDATIONS is a 20-week intensive teaching video and workbook journey that synthesizes biblical truth, small group community discussion and proven counseling methods applied personally in a weekly homework exercise. The church’s role is to position Freedom Session in their discipleship strategy. 

Our team is here to help churches launch an effective strategy, promote the course, and recruit appropriate Small Group Hosts to host/facilitate. Churches who order a FS Ministry Resource Kit receive a one hour FREE consultation with a FS team member. 



Churches can run either, or a hybrid of both. In either model, participants watch teaching videos and then break into a (gender specific) Small Group Experience discussion. The difference is how many groups come together in the same location to watch the teaching. In a centralized model, you can have 2-50 groups watching the teaching videos together; in a decentralized model, usually only one or two. Decentralized models can meet in homes or at the church. 

One other big difference is registration. A centralized model invites anyone interested to register and be assigned to an appropriate small group. This ensures access for all, including those new to your church.

In the decentralized model, Small Group Hosts invite those they would like to share the FS journey.



In summer 2022, we made a strategic decision to release our Freedom Session teaching videos (Foundations and Mid-week Mentors) FREE of charge.

The only cost for participants is their own FS Workbook Set which can be purchased directly by the participant or by the church in quantity discounts.

Taking the entire Freedom Session course (including Authentic Living) costs participants less than an hour of professional counseling.

For churches, we have created an updated FS Ministry Resource Kit that includes additional leadership training, resources and weekly briefings.

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