A Typical Session

Each week, you will experience


A weekly 40-50 minute Teaching Video will challenge you with God’s truth in an area of your life that contributes to the emptiness, bitterness or loneliness you feel and the dysfunction of your relationships.  

New for 2022:  Halfway through the week, listen to a Mid-week Mentor video to encourage you and provide additional instruction or support you need to complete the lesson.


Small Group Discussion

In gender specific groups of 3-9 participants, you will process and wrestle with the video teaching. Most of us have been hurt by people. And God has determined our healing will also come in context of relationship.

The small group is where trust is developed and support is found.
Realizing we are not alone in our struggle is an important part of the healing journey. So is learning to listen and understand others.

“On your Own” Assignment

That’s right; there’s a homework component.  Each week you will spend 1-2 hours applying God’s truths towards your mental, emotional and relational health. You will have opportunity to face disappointments and memories you thought you would take to the grave. This is also where many of the breakthroughs happen.  

It is the truth that sets us free. And once you’ve exposed and faced the truth, satan’s power over you is broken and you can move forward.

“The homework was simple, but it was not easy. Honesty, is not easy – not about the stuff that matters. But once you’ve experienced being real with God, yourself and others, you never want to go back to superficial existence.”   – Jill 

Every Freedom Session participant needs three integrated teaching components to enjoy a great healing-discipleship experience:  Freedom Session Workbooks, Freedom Session Teaching Videos and the Mid-week Mentor.


Foundations 1 & 2, Authentic Living, Authentic Life Journal

The Freedom Session Workbooks guide you through the healing-discipleship journey and connect the teaching, small group experience and homework reflection in a way that brings about lasting life change.

Purchasing a Freedom Session Workbook Set is your investment into your personal healing journey and costs less than an hour of counseling.

Each participant will need their own workbook set.


teachiNg videos

Each Freedom “Session” begins with a 45 -50 minute practical teaching video that breaks down God’s word into the areas of life in which people struggle – relationships, purity, fear, failure, guilt, traumatic memories, depression, addiction, shame, etc.  

Participants are challenged to try God’s ways and entrust their entire lives to His care, including past mistakes and pain. 

teaching videos

Mid-Week Mentor

These new weekly videos are the author’s way of encouraging and personally coaching participants through the more difficult parts of the journey.

NEW for 2022:  FOUNDATIONS I & II Teaching and Mid-week Mentor Videos are accessible via FREE SUBSCRIPTION for all Freedom Session Participants.

This is our investment into your healing-discipleship journey.

mid-week mentor