Why Freedom Session?

ending brokenness

Twenty percent of marriages end in divorce; 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been sexually abused; pornography enslaves our men and women. Low self-worth is epidemic; depression is on the rise as is workaholism, food addiction, eating disorders and a deep sense of angst that something is missing.

People are hungry for the abundant life Jesus promises. We need to break down the gospel and practically apply biblical truth in the areas our people are dealing with. Freedom Session equips churches and individuals to do this, and do it well.

Discipleship Heals

Freedom Session is a proven healing discipleship journey for people who are ready to look honestly at how they deal with life’s challenges and discover the abundant life God intended them to live.

Those who complete Freedom Session consistently describe it as the most significant growing experience in their Christian journey.

Practical Strategies

Practical Strategies

Freedom session offers practical strategies to deal with real issues such as pornography, broken relationships, sexual woundedness and abuse, depression, anger, fear and various forms of addiction. Beneath these “symptoms” is most likely a wounded and empty heart, looking for hope and meaning.

Freedom Session gives you the tools to find both.

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

As Jesus heals the heart, unhealthy and destructive ways previously used to escape pain or avoid conflict become less and less attractive. Shame loses its grip and the lies that once sought to destroy are replaced by God’s truth and the practical skills to live accordingly.  This is the pathway to true and lasting freedom. This is the journey of Freedom Session and Authentic Living.

“Freedom Session is more than a program. It is designed to facilitate life change in individuals who are searching for a way out of the bondage of sin in many areas. I have spent time with Ken and found his passion in this area to be unequaled. I so appreciate his personal commitment to make this work in the life of the local church. Freedom Session has impacted our entire church and community greatly.”

Dr. Warwick Cooper

Counseling Pastor @ People’s Church, Toronto ON

“Ken Dyck, author of Freedom Session, is a trusted friend and respected ministry leader, deeply committed to Christ and seeking to live his life with authenticity and courage.   He is an effective and sensitive communicator of the gospel and has a discipleship message that our churches desperately need to hear.  Freedom Session is a thoroughly Christ-centered ministry.  I have personally witnessed the life transformation that happens in people who commit to the Freedom Session journey and I recommend it widely.”

Rev. Rob Thiessen

Denominational Conference Minister

“Freedom Session helps every Christian cooperate with the Holy Spirit to get to those hidden places in our lives that need to be redeemed and cleansed so that the fruit and gifts of the Spirit can freely operate in our lives.  I can personally see Freedom Session benefiting many, many people in the body of Christ.”

Rev. Lorne Shepherd, C.P.C.

former TV producer 100 Huntley Street