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2022 Pastor's Conference on Emotional and Mental Health

In early 2022, Ken was the keynote speaker for a pastor’s convention that, due to Covid-19 uncertainty, had to shift to an online experience. This allows us to bring you the conference and some very practical teaching that will transform your ministry and DNA of your church.

Ken was specifically asked to provide a practical means by which the local church can launch healing-discipleship ministries that address mental and emotional health without getting over their heads. These three videos are an excellent resource for pastors, denominational leaders, counsellors, elders, and high capacity lay leaders. Each has an accompanying outline to facilitate a timely discussion. 

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A “Gospel” that Includes Healing:  

What is the “gospel” we preach to people who are struggling in their relationships, sexuality, painful memories from the past and shame? Listen to Ken unpack the importance of preaching a message that addresses mental and emotional health.

Consider the types of brokenness people experience today. Now consider your church’s strategies to address them. Notice the gap? We preach that Jesus is the hope of the world; now it’s time to break that message down to address the issues people are facing on a daily basis. Freedom Session helps you accomplish this.


EFFECTIVE Healing-Discipleship

Ken shares best strategies and practices he has learned over the years in launching Freedom Session in the local church. The important role of the pastor is to cast a vision that healing is a normative aspect of the discipleship journey.

Freedom Session is not a ministry for “those hurting people out there” but for the hundreds who attend our churches every week and think they are the only ones struggling. Ken makes the strong point that a ministry like Freedom Session is more effectively placed in the discipleship, rather than counseling department.



Emotional Healing…and Discipleship

“Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?” (Luke 6.46). 

Jesus asked that question two thousand years ago and few take the time to answer. In this final message of the conference, Ken unpacks three reasons within the heart that Christians fail to obey the teachings of Jesus and prompting of the Holy Spirit. More importantly, he offers some practical steps to rise above unbelief and follow into obedience where God can bless. 

This message and handout includes the “Transformation Circle,” one of Ken’s most practical discipleship tools.


Ken's 2019 interview at "ONE" Ministry Conference, Canada

Salvation Includes Healing

Christians and those who come to follow Jesus are desperately hoping that Jesus has real answers for the real issues they face in life. Most people attending our churches aren’t there to discuss eschatology or whether the baptism of the Spirit is a one-time or recurring event. They want Jesus’ answers and they need his help. Freedom Session is a program healthy churches can offer after the sermon.

Freedom Session is Discipleship

Jesus left us with one command: to make disciples of all nations. In this interview, Ken unpacks the difference between a follower and a disciple of Jesus.

Freedom Session is a ministry tool that helps churches develop disciples because the tools learned are transferable and reproducible in anyone’s life.

Knowing the Holy Spirit…personally

A personal relationship with the Holy Spirit is one of the most important discipleship teachings we can offer believers. He is described in Scripture as our Counselor…which means we need to learn how to communicate with him at a personal level.

Learning to hear God’s voice in Scripture is critical to hearing His voice in the serendipity moments of life. This lesson is taught in Authentic Living (follow up to Freedom Session).

Dr. Josh Kruse on Freedom Session

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Josh Kruse was initially skeptical of Freedom Session, concerned it may be another program offering cliche and superficial answers to real problems people need help to overcome.

After studying Ken’s teaching and then launching Freedom Session in a multi-site church, Dr. Kruse now sees Freedom Session and Authentic Living as critical resources for the local church.

In this video conferencing interview with various Freedom Session Directors, Ken and Dr. Kruse unpack how the church and psychology can work together to provide a holistic healing ministry for the local church.

Defining & Addressing Mental Health

There is a difference between mental health and mental illness. The church plays a critical role in offering a mental / emotional health pathway from a Christian worldview.

Can the Church Address Mental Health?

Dr. Josh Kruse answers where Freedom Session fits into the Mental Health strategy of the local church?  

Mental Health or Spiritual Attack?

What are the clues during Freedom Session when a participant might be experiencing a spiritual attack versus struggling with the content? What do we do?