We provide the training and support you need to ensure a successful Freedom Session experience for yourself and those God has entrusted to your care.

We have two levels of support for 1) those hosting a Freedom Session small group in person or online and 2) those launching multiple Freedom Session groups in your church.

Steps 1 through 3 of our training and support are free, made possible by those who support our ministry. With the release of our updated Teaching Videos and Mid-week Mentors, our goal is to make starting a small group achievable and affordable for anyone who would like to host people in their home or online.

For most FS small group hosts, Steps 1 through 3 are all the training you need. 


If you haven’t already done so, register for your FREE Teaching Video Subscription and become familiar with your FS DASHBOARD. After reviewing the Course Welcome section, you will find each session to include the following:

  • In This Session – a teaching synopsis
  • Group Discussion Guide – notes to help host your group experience
  • Teaching Video – use your FS workbook to follow along

Watch the first couple of Session Teaching Videos and follow along in your FS workbook before moving on to step two.

You also want to add the FREE Mid-Week Mentors video subscription to your dashboard.


Register for our How to Host Your FS Small Group WEBINAR. This webinar is ideal for those looking to lead an in-person or online FS small group. These are live and interactive Zoom calls hosted by one of our team members. 

For those who have not taken Freedom Session, we will first give an overview of the program. We will then share our best practices and our proven strategy for a successful Freedom Session small group experience. You will also be provided with additional information and leadership tools as well as have the opportunity to ask questions.

You can register for this webinar as soon as you have received your Workbook Set and have registered for your Video Teaching subscription.


Join our ONLINE COMMUNITY for additional and ongoing support from our leadership team as well as share successes and ideas with your fellow Freedom Session directors and hosts across the USA and Canada. An email invitation to join our private Facebook group will be sent to you after completing step one and two.


Optional: If you would like additional support, you can 1) arrange a one-on-one coaching consultation with a FS Church Support or Small Group specialists ($125) or you can 2) purchase the FS Ministry Resource Kit ($299 CAD) that includes a one-hour coaching consultation, downloadable video files and much more.  

Additional support for churches & ongoing Small Groups

Churches planning to run a Freedom Session ministry should also work through STEPS 4 & 5 prior to launch. 

We have created a Freedom Session Ministry Resource Kit ($299 CAD) that provides additional training for Small Group Hosts and various ministry tools to launch an effective ministry in your church. The Ministry Resource Kit is referenced in STEPS 4 & 5.

(Scroll to bottom of page for detailed description of Ministry Resource Kit contents.)


Email our Church Support specialist to book a 1-on-1 one-hour COACHING CALL. One coaching consultation is included FREE with your FS Ministry Resource Kit purchase. 

The Coaching Call is ideal for the pastor and/or lay leader who will be overseeing your FS ministry. During the call, we will walk through your Freedom Session Ministry Resource Kit, customize a strategic plan for your ministry, answer your questions and address any of your  leadership concerns. If you have not purchased the Freedom Session Ministry Resource Kit, the coaching call can be invoiced at a cost of $125. 

This is the step when most consider the option of purchasing the Freedom Session Ministry Resource Kit @ $299 (CAD).

If you are launching a FS decentralized (small group) ministry, you can email our FS Small Group Specialist.


Have your leadership team watch the Facilitator Training seminar videos. You can come together for a training day or share the videos with your facilitators/hosts to watch on their own. You will find the videos in the Freedom Session Ministry Resource Kit. Be sure that each person taking the training has a copy of their FS Foundations I & II workbooks.

Our team is here to support you… from your initial PURCHASE to PLANNING your ministry, PREPARING your team, the day you hit PLAY and beyond. Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss how Freedom Session can partner with your ministry. 

The FS Ministry Resource Kit

This FS ministry Kit is designed for churches and small group hosts wishing to upgrade their ministry understanding and skills. It includes:

  • Free Coaching Consultation with our church support team – customized to get your team off to a great start ($125 Value).
  • All Freedom Session FOUNDATION Teaching and Mid-week Mentor Video Files in downloadable format that you can save to your computer, use as many times as you would like and share with your group members.
  • Facilitator/Host Training Seminar – downloadable videos and reproducible training manual to equip your entire team.
  • Briefings – to simplify weekly ministry planning and enhance the small group experience.
  • Branding Kit – logos for you to create your own promotional materials
  • Various Planning Tools – to minimize administration such as registration forms and ministry planning schedule.
  • Additional handout materials – to print and offer participants as desired