How To Run

Run a Pilot Group

If you’re interested in Freedom Session but not quite ready to launch in your church, run a six-week “pilot” group and let the results convince you.

To run the “Pilot” you will need:

  • Freedom Session COMPLETE or ESSENTIAL Ministry Kit.
  • a Foundations I workbook for each “pilot” participant.

Best Practices for running a “Pilot:”

  • Select a male and female leader you trust who will facilitate the “pilot.” (one could be you) 
  • Select between six and ten authentic, relatively healthy Christ-followers who care about people (minimum three from each gender). Each will be required to attend all six sessions and complete a weekly, 1.5 hour homework assignment. 
  • Meet for six weeks, watching the teaching videos and breaking into gender-specific small groups for discussion. (Use Sessions 01-04; 06-07. Session 05 is a Going Deeper event you can skip for the pilot.)
  • After completing Session 07, ask  “pilot” participants to meet with the pastoral team to share the impact Freedom Session is having in their lives and how they suggest your church can best implement.
  • Schedule a Planning Consultation with one of our team and create your ministry strategy.
  • Schedule a few of your “pilot” members to share testimonies of how even the first six Freedom Sessions are impacting their lives and relationships. This is the best promotion and will help you establish healing as a normative aspect of your discipleship strategy.

Hint: pilot group members often make excellent Facilitators for your first Freedom Session season.

Learn more about selecting facilitators 

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